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Ruby image url

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In this example, it would make sense to have an image in one of the asset load image-url("") returns url(/assets/; image-path(""). You can also use the action view image_tag helper. Alternatively you can. 4 May I am working on a project using Ruby on Rails. Within all of my pages, I have no problem embedding images.

15 May How to deliver your static images through a CDN in Ruby on Rails All image- path and image-url in your Sass files would automatically. The Ruby GEM automatically delivers background images defined in your CSS, SCSS or SASS files using the default image-url directly or Cloudinary's. 5 Feb Image of Validate URLs. Posted on Recently, I needed to add simple HTTP URL validation to a Ruby on Rails application. I didn't want to.

Hello everyone, I've been trying to find a code that will let me see if an image URL that I enter exists, but am having trouble. Basically I just need. 31 Dec I couldn't get coherent results with generating css with gulp-ruby-sass: images-url () always resolves to wrong paths. The reason is that. LinkThumbnailer. Code Climate Build Status Gem Version Dependency Status. Ruby gem generating image thumbnails from a given URL. How to use Nokogiri to Scrape Image URLs in Ruby. Written on August 1st, by Jeremy Nelson. Nokogiri is a pretty powerful set of tools for scraping data. #!/usr/bin/env ruby. # usage: url>. # locally save all images from a web site. require 'nokogiri'. require 'open-uri'. exit if ARGV[0].nil?.

Ruby client for the Contentful Content Delivery API . Arrays also have a # next_page URL, which will rerun the request with a increased skip parameter, as described There is a helpful method to add image resize options for an asset image. When using the asset pipeline your assets (images, javascripts, stylesheets, fonts ) live in folders inside app: Copy With the asset pipeline, you can use the full power of Ruby to generate assets. E.g. you can .tile background-image: url('. Ruby on Rails latest stable (v) - 1 note - Class: ActionView::Helpers:: AssetTagHelper Computes the path to an image asset in the public images directory. 18 Jan 1) As per Roberto's comments, I used the tag “image-url” instead of just “url”. I believe this now allows the image to be loaded in the rails asset.


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